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Learn your Apple technology

Topics we cover include:

Mac Basics

iPhone  & iPad Basics

iCloud / Apple ID

Mail, Contacts & Calendars

Apple Watch


... and much more!



Finally. A computer that combines ease of use, power, and beauty.

Let's start with getting on the web and getting your email. Then, we'll move on to managing and editing your photos or maybe make some home movies to share with family. We can move on to Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. You won't believe all you can do with your Mac!

Let's explore all the ways to get the most out of your Mac!

iPhone & iPad

For many of us, our iPhones and iPads have become the computing device of choice. These devices are your phone book, address book, and rolodex all in one!  It's your picture taker, your movie maker, your GPS navigation device, your web browser, and email getter, game player, recipe finder, to-do list, reminder keeper... and it makes pretty decent phone calls, too! It can go anywhere with you. It's powerful. It's easy to use. It's like holding the internet in your hands! 

With so many capabilities, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Let's make it simple. We'll learn the basics first and then the sky's the limit!

Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch does more than just tell time! Let us help you discover how to use it for fitness tracking, notifications, phone calls, text messaging and so much more. We'll help you use that Dick Tracy gadget in no time flat.

With 1 to 1 training and the Ask Questions options at Apple retail gone, this only leaves workshops, the Genius Bar, and AppleCare as support options from Apple. This means no individualized training is available, and when you need help, you have to make the haul into the Apple Store and wait in line or stay on the phone with AppleCare usually going in circles and not getting much accomplished.

This is where we come in! You can set up a time with us and we will come to you for training and basic troubleshooting. If it’s something we are not able to help with, we can point you in the direction of the right resource to get help.

In the mood to watch TV or a movie? Maybe you want to get some gaming time in, or perhaps you really want to share pictures of your latest vacation to your friends in the room. Your Apple TV can make all that happen, if you know how to use it. We can show you how talking to your TV actually does something now!

Apple TV


Your HomePod allows you to listen to incredible music, the latests podcasts, news, weather, or even control other devices in your home, just by using your voice. Who knew you could do all this on a smart speaker that sounds this good? All you have to do is ask Siri.

We can give you all the secrets to making the HomePod one of your favorite devices around the house. By the time you're through, you and Siri will be best friends!


Perhaps the most magical thing about your Apple products is the way they work together. Take a picture here - it shows up over there. Add a contact there and it's automatically over here!

You'll learn how to keep all of your Apple devices synchronized and up to date. It's never been easier!